Snapshots of Qatar ~ 2013

A year filled with happiness, tragedy, and inspiration.


Souk Al-Waqif



Lunch-time at the souk!



Horse races at the Equestrian Center.


Fly Board World Championships at The Pearl-Qatar.


Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra


Graduation at American School of Doha


Common sight in Qatar!


Bounty from the Vegetable Souk!


American Women’s Association Bazaar


Ready for some belly dancing!


We launched Desert Horizons Tutoring Services, a community-based outreach tutoring program.


Doha’s nighttime skyline.

Me & Sherifa in Desert of Qatar

Me and Sherifa.  Sherifa passed away in a tragic car accident. Sherifa taught me more than most about the culture and lifestyle of Qatar. Rest in peace, dear friend.  I will miss you greatly.


We also lost sweet “Callie girl,” our precious furry daughter.  You are forever in our hearts.




8 comments on “Snapshots of Qatar ~ 2013

  1. The photo of the construction cranes is really cool. That is a lot of construction!

    I also like the photo of the veggies. That is my favorite part of travel is that most places have much better and fresher veggies than the U.S.

    • Yes, Jeff, there is quite a bit of development (including roadwork) going on in Qatar. One of the larger enterprises (seen in the photo in my post) is a redevelopment project involving Doha’s city center area. There is also a lot of construction work associated with hosting the 2022 World Cup.

      I agree, you can’t beat the veggies outside the U.S. A major plus for us.

      Happy New Year, and Happy Travels to you and Kristi!

  2. I enjoyed these pictures, Michele. I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear friend, Sherifa, and your precious Callie Girl!! I wish you and Bishara a “Blessed” 2014!!

  3. Dear Michele,
    thank you very much for sharying your experience! It is first time that I read about life and places in Arab couries in such a way that it makes me want to go there! I do my homework before visiting Qatar – and your writing and photos are the best! Thank you once again Michele!
    Have a great Year 2014!

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