Published Articles

“Final Glimpses of Vietnam,” YouShare Project, May 2017;

“Women, Culture, and Identity in Qatar – Part 2,” Peace X Peace, March 2013

“Women, Culture, and Identity in Qatar – Part 1,” Peace X Peace, March 2013

“An American Woman in Saudi Arabia,” Connection Point (Peace X Peace), May 2012

“The Highlands of Saudi Arabia: Unexpected Delights in Abha,” Romar Traveler, May 2011

“Pampered Pooches in Arab Lands,” Travelmag, 08 February 2011;

“In Transition,” The Woman (Gulf Times), October 2010

“Reaching for the Sky,” The Woman (Gulf Times), July 2010

“Becoming a Successful Career Woman in Saudi Arabia,” Matador Abroad, June 2010;

“An Arabian Wedding,” The Liberator, September 2009

“Shopping, The Great Leveller,” Woman Today, January 2009

“Rules of Gender Socialising,” Woman Today, October 2008

“Breaking the Ice with Qawah,” Woman Today, July 2008


4 comments on “Published Articles

  1. HI this is Moona from ABODE magazine in Qatar. We would love to have you contribute to the magazine. Can you please give us a call or send us an email if you are availabel to freelance.

    • Hi Moona, thank you for contacting me. Yes, I would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to ABODE magazine. I have read your magazine, and have greatly enjoyed the varied lifestyle/cultural pieces. I’ve sent you an e-mail.

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